Before you enter my site...
Read these rules carefully.

ABSOLUTELY NO discrimination of any kind is allowed on my page. Racism, LGBTphobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, misgendering, usage of slurs you can't reclaim and other forms of discrimination or bias will have you immediately blocked. That also goes for fan art of my OCs. Do NOT use my OCs for hate speech.

ABSOLUTELY NO sexual, fetishy, gross, or creepy comments or DMs, or I will have you blocked AND reported.

DO NOT draw sexual or suggestive fan art of my OCs who are under 18. As for my over 18 OCs, ask permission, if you too are 18+

Be respectful; any mean or hateful comments will be deleted and those who leave mean comments will be blocked.

DO NOT repost my art without permission. If you get permission, GIVE CREDIT. Link back to my page. If you want to use my art as a pfp or on you site, link back to my site or any of my socials in "My Socials".

DO NOT trace my art, use my art for NFTs or commercial use, and do NOT run my art through an AI

NO death or suicide threats.


With that being said...